Sunday, 19 De August De 2018
Homenatge a la Vellesa, 6
Bellpuig - 25250
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Foto The economy has always been land-based: firstly, it was a subsistence agriculture limited by the absence of a major market and the scarce monetary circulation.?Throughout the first half of the twentieth century, the standard of living improved as a result ... + info
Foto At farm level, the Urgell canal has had a major impact on Bellpuig and it irrigates an important part of the municipality. The main crops are fodder, vegetables, cereals and fruit (the apple bears the Denomination of Quality "Apple from Urgell"). ?Out of ... + info
Foto Livestock has become another vital element of the primary sector.?The main system is represented by the housing of livestock on farms with employed workers, usually large cooperatives, especially in the case of poultry farming.?The importance of this sect ... + info
Foto The industry emerged in the twentieth century was initially based on the processing of agricultural products: oil mills, fodder mills, flour mills, distilleries, confectionery and candy factories, sulphides, cookies and pasta soup factories.?The clay hill ... + info

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